Before you start work, we will prepare a contract for you. Your supervisor at EUR will contact EURflex. Once contact has been initiated, EURflex will contact you by email to start up the registration procedure. Complete the form, sign it, and send it to We will prepare a contract for you and send it to you to sign. We will then send you a signed contract to keep for your own records. You will also receive your log-in credentials for EURflex Connekt, where you can enter and update the hours you have worked. 

EURflex Connekt is the portal for claiming your working hours. In addition to registering hours and several links, you will find all kinds of information about payments, reservations, salary specifications and annual statements.


Have you previously had an employment contract via EURflex and has it already expired?

Then we would like to ask you to fill in the registration form again via SignRequest so that we can be sure that any changes are noticed and implemented in your file.


If you currently have an employment contract with EURflex and another job has been added to this employment contract, you do not need to take any action. The party commissioning the new job will provide the new job details using a notification form. Your new job will automatically be added to your EURflex Connekt account. 


You work or will work for one of the divisions of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). As a flexworker you are employed by EURflex and so EURflex is your formal employer. The EUR, or the part of the EUR where you will be working, is your actual employer, also referred to as your client.

The agreements between the flexworker and the EURflex partner are set out in the agreement.
The agreements between the flexworker and EURflex are recorded in the employment contract. This employment agreement consists of the Payroll Agreement (general terms and conditions), the Submission of Data for Payroll Tax (wage tax deduction) and the Assignment Confirmation (details of assignment, position and applicable terms and conditions of employment).

For flexworkers who have been hired by EURflex, the agreement will be recorded in the employment contract. For flexworkers deployed through EURflex, a fixed term employment contract with a deferred performance obligation in a min-max variant applies. The minimum number of hours is always 0, and between the minimum and maximum (to be determined by the client) is the number of flexible hours at which the client can call up the flexworker. The fixed-term employment contract is an employment contract that is entered into for a certain period of time. This can be for a few months, but also for several years. After that, the fixed-term employment contract ends. It therefore ends automatically and nothing more needs to be done by the employer/client or flexworker for that purpose. This means that the contract can be extended, but that the chain rule of Section 7:668a of the Dutch Civil Code applies to it. This regulation makes it possible to give three fixed-term employment contracts for a maximum of 36 months.


EURflex does not have a CAO, but where applicable, follows the provisions of the CAO Dutch Universities and/or the General Terms and Conditions of Employment of EUR Holding BV and its operating companies. Among other things, we follow the job classification and the corresponding salary scale.

Confidentiality applies to employees of the EUR. This also applies to flex workers. In short, this means that you may not share any information about the EUR, its employees and its business relations with others during and after the end of your employment contract. All information, of whatever nature, remains the property of the EUR. For more information, please read Article 9.b of your employment contract.

Integrity Code
The flexworker is expected to practice science with integrity and to comply with the Code of Conduct for Scientific Integrity. The flexworker will also take note of the Code of Conduct Integrity Erasmus University Rotterdam and/or the Integrity Regulation 2021 EUR Holding and undertakes to comply with these codes, the applicable house rules and work instructions.

With regard to the Complaints Regulation, the regulation as it applies to the EUR Holding and its operating companies is followed, since EURflex is part of the EUR Holding and its operating companies.

The integrity codes can be read here.


When your employment contract ends, you still have the opportunity to enter your hours via EURflex Connekt up to 4 weeks after the end of the contract.

Your EURflex Connekt account will remain active for one year after your assignment ends. So you will always have access to your pay slips and annual statements.

Have you accrued vacation pay or days?

If so, you will automatically be paid these six weeks after the end of your contract.