EUR employees are subject to the provisions of a non-disclosure agreement. This also applies to flexiworkers. When signing their employment contract, they are agreeing that they will comply with the provisions of the non-disclosure agreement. This has been expressed as follows: The Employee acknowledges that the non-disclosure agreement is imposed by the Employer with regard to all details concerning EUR, its business activities, the affiliated companies involved in these activities, and business contacts. The employee is not permitted to communicate any information regarding details concerning EUR, its employees and business contacts to third parties during or after the expiration of the employment contract. All documents and/or copies of such, of whatsoever nature, and all products provided on loan or otherwise, that have been acquired or used on the basis of the employment contract, are and shall remain the property of the Employer. This applies even if the documents and/or products and/or electronic files have been produced by the Employee.

Integrity code
EUR employees are required to abide by an integrity code. This also applies to flexiworkers. Flexiworkers have agreed to abide by this integrity code upon signing their employment contract. The integrity code can be viewed here.

A flexiworker will be paid for this day if the university is closed on a national holiday coinciding with a regular scheduled working day. The number of hours the flexiworker will be paid will be calculated based on the average number of hours the flexiworker has worked on that day during the past 13 weeks. Payment of the hours resulting from the holiday benefit do not require approval.

The flexiworker acquires pension from Brand New Day. For a brief overview of the pension plan, have a look at the brochure. Here you can read more about what a flexiworker will and will not receive from EURflex B.V.

Procedure for reporting illness and recovery
If ill, a flexiworker must report this before 9:00 to both EURflex and the supervisor, stating the address where the flexiworker will be convalescing and the telephone number. EURflex is responsible for the lawful implementation of the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act.

A flexiworker who is ill will receive a sickness benefit of 91% on average, taking into account a single waiting day. No payment is made for this waiting day.