Before you start work, we will prepare a contract for you. Your supervisor at EUR will contact EURflex. Once contact has been initiated, EURflex will contact you by email to start up the registration procedure. Complete the form, sign it, and send it to We will prepare a contract for you and send it to you to sign. We will then send you a signed contract to keep for your own records. You will also receive your log-in credentials for E-Flexer, where you can enter and update the hours you have worked. 

If you have previously worked at EUR through EURflex, and your personal data has not changed, it is sufficient to indicate this in a reply to the email. EURflex can then immediately prepare and send you your new employment contract.


Flexiworkers employed through EURflex have an employment contract for a fixed period of time with deferred duty of performance in a ‘min-max’ variant. The minimum number of hours is always zero and between the minimum and maximum (to be determined by the employer) is the number of flexible hours the employer can call up the flexiworker.

The employment contract for a fixed period is an employment contract entered into for a specified period of time that shall not exceed 36 months or three employment contracts. After this period, the employment contract for a specified period ends by operation of law. This means the contract ends automatically and no action needs to be taken by the employer/supervisor or the flexiworker. 

Collective Labour Agreement
EURflex does not have a CLA, but adheres to a number of provisions in the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities. We use the job role classification and the corresponding salary scales. 

Income tax and social insurance contributions credit
What is the income tax and social insurance contributions credit?
For the question regarding Income tax and social insurance contributions credit, fill in ‘yes’ if EURflex is your sole employer. If you have another employer where you work more hours, fill in ‘no’.

Student/school pupils scheme
Please note! Points to note in respect of whether or not to apply the students/pupils scheme: 

  • The scheme is favourable if you do not earn more than € 1,620 gross per quarter (€ 125 per week/€ 499 per four weeks/€ 540 per month; 2018 figures);
  • N.B.: the payment of any provisions (holiday allowance/holiday leave) is included in the amount earned in the quarterly period in which it is paid out;
  • The moment of processing determines the quarter in which the earnings are accounted for;
  • The scheme is only effective if Income tax and social insurance contributions credit is also applied;
  • The Income tax and social insurance contributions credit and the student and school pupil scheme can only be used with 1 employer.
  • The student and school pupil scheme can be applied at any time. The scheme can only be discontinued at the end of a quarterly period.


Have you previously had an employment contract via EURflex and has it already expired? Then we ask you to fill in the registration form again so that we are sure that any changes are noticed and implemented in your file.


If you currently have an employment contract with EURflex and another job has been added to this employment contract, you do not need to take any action. The party commissioning the new job will provide the new job details using a notification form. Your new job will automatically be added to your E-Flexer account. 


EUR employees are subject to the provisions of a non-disclosure agreement. This also applies to flexiworkers. Briefly, this means that during and following the expiration of your contract, you are not permitted to share any information about EUR, its employees and business relations with third parties. All information of any nature remains the property of EUR. For more information, read article 9.b of your employment contract.

Integrity code
EUR employees are required to abide by an integrity code. This also applies to flexiworkers. You have agreed to abide by this integrity code upon signing your employment contract. The integrity code can be viewed here.

Statement of Ambassadorship
Prior to taking up their work duties, ambassadors are required to sign a statement related to their availability, their conduct and actions while representing EUR, materials and preparatory work, event evaluation, payment for services, and confidentiality.

The Statement of Ambassadorship can be viewed here.