If you wish to employ flexiworkers who are nationals of countries outside the EEA (with the exception of Croatia) or Switzerland, you should apply for a work permit for non-EU nationals (a TWV). This applies to an employment period of less than three months or specific situations, such as students with part-time jobs.

EURflex will ensure that a TWV application is submitted to the Employee Insurance Agency (the UWV). We will do this within two working days of receipt of all the necessary documents and information. This involves the following documents:

  • Application form (supervisor)
  • Answers to supplementary questions (supervisor)
  • Registration form (flexiworker)
  • Copy/scan from flexiworker of:
    • a valid passport (personal details)
    • a valid residency permit (front and back)
    • diplomas and certificates (translated into Dutch or English by a sworn translator)
    • possibly, an official assessment of the diploma if the level is not apparent
    • proof of enrolment with EUR

The UWV takes account of a maximum period of five weeks for the processing of applications. For this reason, the contract cannot become effective until at least five weeks after the completed application form has been submitted to the UWV. Supervisors will receive a copy of the work permit (TWV) as soon as EURflex receives it.

A TWV is only valid for one specific employer. For this reason, EURflex will have to apply for a new TWV for flexiworkers who received a TWV via TempoTeam last year.

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