EURflex is responsible for the payroll administration of flexiworkers employed at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). We arrange the payment of flexiworkers for EUR’s faculties and support services. In so doing, we focus on employees who are only working for EUR for a short period and/or a flexible number of hours.

EURflex has outsourced its administration to MultiFlexx. It is responsible for the entire process related to the employment contracts and payroll administration.

As soon as you wish to employ a temporary employee who you have approached yourself, EURflex will be responsible for undertaking all the payroll administration for this flexiworker. The temporary employee will, therefore, be legally employed by EURflex, whereby, as the supervisor, you do not run any employment law-related risks.

Moreover, we will relieve you of all the administrative work. In addition, the rates are exempt VAT; which offers a considerable saving.

We also send periodic management reports to the directors and management controllers of the divisions where flexiworkers work or have worked.

EURflex is not an employment agency. EURflex undertakes the payroll administration for temporary employees who you have approached yourself.

EURflex does not carry out any recruitment and selection activities. For such services, you can approach Randstad.


For an overview of our rates, you can contact EURflex.

You complete the ‘Application form to employ a flexiworker’ and send it to EURflex. On the basis of this, EURflex will contact you to start the registration process. You will find the form in the top right-hand corner of this page.

The position student assistant is referred to separately in the CLA for Dutch Universities and refers to a student who is undertaking work for the benefit of academic research and education. This position has extra employment conditions which involve both fixed rates and unlimited contract extensions. This CLA is not applicable to EURflex. Consequently, we cannot offer these special conditions. You should classify students undertaking support work as either education/research assistants or administrative employees.

If you wish to employ flexiworkers who are nationals of countries outside the EEA (with the exception of Croatia) or Switzerland, you should apply for a work permit for non-EU nationals (a TWV). This applies to an employment period of less than three months or specific situations, such as students with part-time jobs.

EURflex will ensure that a TWV application is submitted to the Employee Insurance Agency (the UWV). We will do this within two working days of receipt of all the necessary documents and information. This involves the following documents:

  • application form (supervisor)
  • answers to supplementary questions (supervisor)
  • registration form (flexiworker)
  • copy/scan from flexiworker of:
  • a valid passport (personal details)
  • a valid residency permit (front and back)
  • diplomas and certificates (translated into Dutch or English by a sworn translator)
  • possibly, an official assessment of the diploma if the level is not apparent
  • proof of enrolment with EUR

The UWV takes account of a maximum period of five weeks for the processing of applications. For this reason, the contract cannot become effective until at least five weeks after the completed application form has been submitted to the UWV. You will receive a copy of the work permit (TWV) as soon as EURflex receives it.

A TWV is only valid for one specific employer. For this reason, EURflex will have to apply for a new TWV for flexiworkers who received a TWV via TempoTeam last year.


E-Flexer is a web application in which flexiworkers complete their timesheets. Subsequently, you can approve or reject these hours via E-Flexer.

Once the flexiworker has been registered with EURflex, you will receive an email from providing your login details (login name and password). Follow the instructions in this email..

If you encounter any problems while using E-Flexer, please contact EURflex by phone on +31 (0) 10 – 408 25 33 or +31 (0) 6 – 4337 84 82.

If you can login to E-Flexer, you will find a hand-out about E-Flexer in the bottom left-hand corner. If you are unable to login or you have questions about the hand-out, please contact us by phone. Are you for a long time absent and not able to accord your working hours, inform us as soon as possible.

Other questions

For practical and/or administrative questions, please contact Wim Keasberry, EURflex intermediary.