As soon as you wish to employ a temporary employee who you have approached yourself, EURflex will be responsible for undertaking all the payroll administration for this flexiworker. The temporary employee will, therefore, be legally employed by EURflex, whereby, as the supervisor, you do not run any employment law-related risks. Moreover, we will relieve you of all the administrative work.

Applying for a flexiworker

When you would like EURflex to pay a flexiworker, we require a number of details. Consequently, we ask you to complete the ‘Application form to employ a flexiworker’, which we will send to you by email. You can also find the form in the adjacent column and download it. Please send the completed form to us at: Alternatively, you could send it by the internal post to: EURflex, Mandeville Building, Room 11-08 or simply hand it in to this room on Tuesdays or Thursdays. On the basis of the completed application form, we will contact the flexiworker and register him/her in our administration.


EURflex adheres to EUR’s hirer’s remuneration and its job scales. EURflex’s hourly rate is dependent on the flexiworker’s salary. You should, therefore, indicate the flexiworker’s gross salary and corresponding position on the application form to employ a flexiworker.


The flexiworker completes his/her hours worked in the electronic timesheets (E-WUB) via E-Flexer. As the supervisor, you can approve or reject the hours entered on the timesheet via E-Flexer. Moreover, E-Flexer will provide you with information about the payment of the hours worked. You will receive an E-Flexer hand-out in your mailbox as soon as we have registered the flexiworker’s details in our administration or download it in the top right-hand corner of this page.

Invoicing process

After paying the flexiworker, we will automatically send invoices to Finance & Control every four weeks. Subsequently, you will be able to see the invoice in the ESS portal.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the frequently asked questions here or download the flyer in the top right-hand corner of this page.