If you are ill, you should inform both your supervisor at EUR and EURflex. Do so by phone via 010 408 2533 or 06 433 784 82 before 9 am.

An employee of EURflex will inform about the following during the phone call:

  • the reason why the person is unable to work (for example, accident, pregnancy, employment conditions, employment relationships). The precise complaints do not have to be provided;
  • the expected duration of the sickness absence;
  • any actions the employer could take which would facilitate a return to work (e.g. transport provision, amended hours);
  • the address where the person is being nursed;
  • any appointments which will have to be passed on to someone else or cancelled;

It is important that you are and remain available on the telephone number which you provided when you registered. If your details have changed in the meantime, you should pass this on during the phone call.

When you have recovered, you should let EURflex. and your supervisor know you are available to work again.

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