Late last year, we have invited our clients and staffing employees to participate in the survey of EURflex. We are finished with analyzing all the answers and are proud of the results of our second year EURflex. The service is valued by an 8. That is two tenths points higher relative to our first year in 2015 (7.8).

We made an action plan based on the feedback from the survey results. The main points which we will focus on this year are:

We will look for a new digital environment that better meets the needs of you as a client and flexi-worker. Think of online registration and renewal and a fully bilingual environment timesheet;

We will start with a short flyer in which the working conditions of EURflex are included and we make visible which of our terms deviate from the terms of the EUR;

We will make sure that our flexiworkers will be better informed about the procedure related to take a few hours or days off.

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