EURflex is responsible for the payroll administration of flexiworkers employed at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). We arrange the payment of flexiworkers for EUR’s faculties and support services. In so doing, we focus on employees who are only working for EUR for a short period and/or a flexible number of hours.

EURflex has outsourced its administration to MultiFlexx. It is responsible for the entire process related to the employment contracts and payroll administration.

As a flexiworker, you have – in a sense – two employers: a formal and an actual employer. EURflex is your formal employer, EUR is your actual employer, also referred to as your ‘supervisor’.


Your supervisor at EUR makes contact with EURflex by submitting the ‘Application form to employ a flexiworker’. On the basis of this, EURflex will contact you to start the registration process.

EURflex will send you the form ‘Registering as a flexiworker’ by email.

When answering the question about the income tax and social insurance contributions credit, fill in “yes” if EURflex is your only employer. If you have another employer where you work more hours, you should fill in “no”.

Points to note in respect of whether or not to have the students/pupils scheme applied:

  • The scheme is beneficial if you earn no more than is € 1,592 gross per quarter (€ 122.50 per week / € 530 per month/ € 490 every four weeks);
  • N.B.: the payment of any provisions (holiday money/holiday days) is included in the amount earned in the quarter in which it is paid out;
  • The moment of recording determines the month in which the earnings are accounted for;
  • The scheme is only effective if the income tax and social insurance contributions credit is also applicable;
  • The income tax and social insurance contributions credit and the students and pupils scheme may only be used by one employer.

Please visit the Tax Office website for more information about the students/pupils scheme: de Belastingdienst.

EURflex will ask you to complete the registration form again so that we are sure that any changes are noted and registered in your file.


E-Flexer is a web application in which you complete your timesheets. Via E-Flexer, you can also check your salary slips and your annual income statements.

Once your registration with EURflex is complete, you will receive an email from providing your login details (login name and password). Follow the instructions in this email.

If you encounter any problems while using E-Flexer, please contact EURflex by phone on +31 (0) 10 – 408 25 33 or +31 (0) 6 – 4337 84 82.

You can draw up a timesheet in E-Flexer. Together with your employment contract, you will receive a hand-out about how to use E-Flexer.


After you have drawn up a timesheet in E-Flexer, your supervisor will approve or reject the hours you have worked. EURflex pays your salary on the basis of the hours on your timesheet that your supervisor has approved.

Each Tuesday, EURflex pays all the hours you have worked which were approved by your principal before 4 pm on Monday at the latest.

You can refer to your weekly salary slip and annual income statement digitally via E-Flexer.

CLA, pension and obligations

EURflex does not have a CLA, but adheres to a number of provisions in the CLA for Dutch universities. We also make use of the Hay profiles and the corresponding salary scales.

You are personally responsible for any pensions and/or surviving dependant’s provisions (to the extent you wish). The costs of any such insurances are for your own account. To this end, EURflex will make an amount equal to 2.6% of your gross hourly wage available in the form of an extra gross salary.

EUR´s employees are subject to an integrity code, this is also applicable to flexiworkers. When you sign your employment contract, you are agreeing to comply with this code. You can access the integrity code through your E-Flexer account.

Illness and accidents

If you are ill, you should inform both your supervisor at EUR and EURflex.Do so before 9 am by phone via 010 408 2533 or 06 433 784 82, stipulating the address and telephone number of the place where you are being cared for.

It is important that you are and remain available on the telephone number which you provided when you registered. If your details have changed in the interim, you should pass this on when you phone in to say you are ill.

When you have recovered, you should immediately inform EURflex. And also let your supervisor know you are available to work again.

When you are ill, you will receive sickness benefit equivalent to 91%, taking account of one waiting day. You will receive no payment for this waiting day.

The first thing you should do is contact your supervisor and inform him or her. After that, you should phone EURflex and we will look at what actions are required in the specific situation. Failure to report your illness may have consequences regarding payment of your sickness benefit.


For each hour that you work, you will accrue a provision towards both your holidays and holiday allowance. The balance you accrue depends on how much you work. Your salary slip shows exactly what provisions you have accrued.

Provisions Payment on request Automatic payment
Holidays Request in hours,
enter in your timesheet *
Six weeks after the termination of your employment
Holiday allowance End of May/beginning of June
Six weeks after the termination of your employment

* Payment: only to the extent the balance permits.

Extra payments

If you have worked overtime, you can have these hours paid. There is only a question of overtime if you have worked more than 40 hours in a week.

You will find the form to claim overtime in E-Flexer. You should complete the form “overtime”, have it signed by your supervisor and submit it to EURflex. It is not possible to use E-Flexer for payment of overtime.

If you make any business trips for EUR, you can reclaim these costs using the form “business trips”. This form is also available in E-Flexer and should be signed by your principal, and, subsequently, submitted to EURflex for processing.

Other questions

For questions about your employment contract, the payment of your salary or the use of E-Flexer, please contact EURflex. For questions about the content of your work, please contact your supervisor at EUR.