Some time ago we sent a survey among all our flexiworkers and supervisors. We are very pleased with the number of respondents and the answers given. We are particularly pleased with the high score on expertise, service and customer-friendliness and the average mark of 7.5 and 7.8, respectively given by the supervisors and flexiworkers. Also, 70% of the flexiworkers find that EURflex pays quickly and correctly. Good to hear!

Following the results from the survey, we have drawn up an action plan:

The demand for work permits for non-EU students is increasing. Therefore, we will provide more information on the website about the procedures and legal requirements for applying for a work permit.

The FAQ flyers are supplemented with information on the management reports and the ability to look back on E- flexer to see the weeks that have already been submitted and approved.

The information for flexiworkers will be expanded. For example, an additional flyer with information about the payslip will be available on E- flexer.

Finally, we look back on a good 1st year for EURflex and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. We have worked hard to provide a high quality service. Let’s make 2016 even a better year!

Flexiworkers, Supervisors